What is Hospice? Beth Hoffmann, Co-Founder of Hoffman Hospice

What is hospice? This episode answers that question and more. Janelle Capra is joined by Beth Hoffmann, Administrator & Co-Founder of Hoffmann Hospice.

Beth shares why she and her husband, Tom founded Hoffmann Hospice in 1995 and after 28 years serving Kern County families, Hoffmann Hospice is still the ONLY not-for-profit hospice choice for local families serving about 400 hospice patients every day.

Janelle and Beth discuss what hospice means to families, how to qualify for hospice and how their hospice home serves an unmet need in the community.

Beth also shares the meaning behind “Hoffmann’s There Because We Care” and gives some insight about their free weekly support groups and community events. This episode is sponsored by Hoffmann Hospice and dedicated in loving memory to Tory Hoffmann.