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Volunteer at ADAKC

Volunteers are vital to our success and good for you! Studies have shown that people who give of themselves are frequently happier and more content than those who do not. So YOU are invited to share your special talents at our Adult Day Services Program. Do you:

Have a Favorite Hobby?

Play an Instrument


Arrange Flowers


Our clients greatly benefit from all types of mental stimulation. Fresh ideas are always appreciated!

Call (661) 665-8871 or email outreach@adakc.org for information regarding volunteer opportunities at the Alzheimer’s Disease Association of Kern County, Inc.

Aging Today (Winter 2002) stated in that the United States’ enormous, rapidly growing older population — all too often portrayed as a burden and a drain on future generations — is actually a vast and largely untapped resource for our society.

If society can successfully engage older women and men in ways that fill urgent gaps in our communities, the result would be a windfall for American civic life in the 21st century.

We stand to accomplish something else in the process: bring greater fulfillment and purpose to the post-midlife years and transform what it means to age in this country.

So consider volunteering! At any age, the reward is great.

If you are interesting in volunteering, please apply here.

No Time To Volunteer But Still Want To Help?

There are a number of other ways you can make a lasting impact on ADAKC and the Kern County community.

Find Out How You Can Help