Our Mission, Vision, and Goal

Our Mission:
We improve the lives of Kern County Residents affected by Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders.

Our Vision:
All in Kern County on the Alzheimer’s journey have the help and support they need.

Our Goal:
To support local caregivers as they care for their loved one. We work to give you peace of mind and confidence that your loved one will be provided for by one of Kern County’s finest programs, while giving you relief from the extreme dedication of caregiving.

Our Values


Treating everyone with the Compassion, Dignity and Respect of a Family Member.


Doing the right thing regardless of the situation.


Deliberate actions aligned with our vision.

Our Staff

  • Janelle Capra
    Executive Director
  • Kim McAnally
    Facilities Operations Manager
  • Yvette Najera 
    Business Operations Manager
  • Becca Montoya
    Marketing & sales Coordinator
  • Julie Juarez-Ceja
    Community Liaison & Educator
  • Patty Flores
    Family Services Coordinator
  • Sandie McDaniel
    Activity Coordinator
  • Karlie Reynolds
    Event Coordinator
  • Chastity Espericueta
  • Otilia Benavidez
    Family Services Assistant
  • Jacqueline Hernandez
    Program Manager Assistant
  • Jennifer Calvario
    Program Assistant
  • Vacant
    Program Assistant
  • Jamaica Ward
    Program Assistant
  • Martha Sanchez
    Program Assistant
  • Jose Sosa
    Program Assistant
  • Rosa Bazan

Board of Directors

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  • Mark Woodward
  • Sonia Lopez
    Vice President
  • Marcella Ives
  • Nick Ambrosini
  • Jonathan S. Motter
    Board Member
  • William C. “Bill” Wright 
    Board Member
  • Donna Winkley
    Board Member
  • Bob Meadows
    Board Member
  • Maria Lazzerini
    Board Member
  • Felicia Schoepfer
    Board Member
  • Jonny Perez
    Board Member
  • Elena LaRoque
    Board Member

About Rose Lazzerini Campus

Our new facility accommodates up to 100 clients and includes an Art Therapy Room, Imaginarium, Game Room, Quiet Room, and Café. All areas are equipped to serve various size client groups, including those individuals who just need a little quiet time. The ADAKC staff have done an amazing job at welcoming the clients and making them feel safe and secure.

Through the generosity of so many in our community, we’ve seen our dream become a reality. We reached our goal of raising $3.5 million, which allowed us to continue to offer day services at an affordable rate for families who attend the Day Services Program.

Thank you on behalf of the entire “ADAKC Team”.